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Princess Noriko
Noriko, the Princess, my cat, is dead. She died today sleeping in her litter box.

She had been sleeping in her litter box a lot recently, only coming out for food and water. She had become quite, well, mentally ill it seemed and was ready to die.

Noriko loved two things in the world after me: jewelry and cigarettes. She would steal jewelry, and sit there and wear it. And she loved cigarettes so much that she would steal it from my grandmother's purse when she visited, take them behind the couch, and roll in them. We would give them to her, and she reacted like she was in heaven, putting them in her mouth, rolling around on them, and acting like she was on catnip.

Tonight I buried her in the back yard. I bought a pack of cigarettes, and took one of my nicer rings. I smoked part of a cigarette, placed the rest of the pack and lighter in with her, along with my ring.

It helped me. And it's a good homage to Noriko.

I love Noriko.


Ooh, look...
A new userpic.

I Lost the Game.
Thanks to nabuchodonosor, I just lost The Game.

Furniture all moved over in record time, thanks to my cousin Brandon and his friends. Also found a couch in good condition for free, so I now have a comfy loveseat as well.

Oh, and... in case you didn't notice, I have internet. They connected it in record time, and during the move the delivery guy came with my modem and connectivity instructions. All connected without a hitch. So... that 3 weeks stuff is off the table. I'm easy to communicate with again.

Things are slowly becoming organized. Did some quick shopping for basic foodstuffs and essentials tonight, so I'm good to go.

I traded days so I have this Sunday off, but I'm working a 3-day weekend next weekend. I'm spending all of Sunday studying. It's a slim chance, but it's a chance. I'd rather stay in the program than not. I will have lost nothing by taking the extra time to study, as I was able to trade work-days. If it works, I stay in the program. If it doesn't, I have lots and lots of free time. Those are the bonuses for each, so whichever I get I'll take advantage of those bonuses.

I really don't want to fail out. It's going to be very difficult to stay in the game.

If I get a borderline score, I'm going to be arguing every question I missed on every test to try to get the extra points I need. I really want to stay in the program. It was just a sucky week.

So tired...

Moving etc.
Just a note, my internet access will not be dependable or constant for a maximum of 4 weeks. It's going through the rural bureaucracy to get hooked up at my new place still. I'll be able to check e-mail, etc., at the local library from time to time. If you need to contact me for some reason, call me. If you don't have my phone number, e-mail me and ask for it and I may give it to you.

Take care. I'll update when I have reliable net connectivity again.

postscript: I live 3 blocks from the library, so there's a chance I'll be checking frequently. But no promises.

If you don't want to read about circumcision, I hid everything behind a cut.

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I love my sisters. They are the best.

Remember that post about Sugar Highs?
So, at the end of April I made a post discussing the "Sugar High" phenomenon. Here's a link to it:

Since then, I have periodically received comments on it from several anonymous users saying "thanks" for, or complimenting me on my description of the information.

Now, I IP-log my LJ (except on occasion when I want to allow for true anonymity on posts), so I thought, why not. Lets see where these people are from.

Now, the person going on a tangent on evolution is from Washington State, near Seattle. Ok, he's in the U.S. That's cool and expected.

Then there's the next anonymous commentor, I looked him up and where's he from but... Seoul, South Korea.

I thought that surely the third person would be from the U.S. as well, but when I looked up his IP-Address, what do I find?

Tallinn, Estonia

I was wondering how all these anonymous comments came to me, and with a quick goole search I found the answer.

If you go to google and type in: what causes sugar high; My LJ is the 10th relevant entry.
type: sugar high what causes; 8th relevant entry
type: sugar high causes; 11th relevant entry

Out of about 300,000+ relevant entries.

It should also be noted that my page is one of the few, perhaps only, within the first few pages on the search that delineates the differences between getting a Sugar High and having High Blood Sugar

So I thought, "Man, how did I develop a decent enough Page Rank on Google to get here?" So I looked up my google page rank here: and discovered... I have no page rank. At all.

So I'm not sure what's up. But in any case, I've apparently contributed to the education of people on at least three continents in regards to what causes Sugar Highs, and some basic functions of human metabolism.

A Conspiracy of Ravens
An Unkindness of Ravens

When Ravens are referred to as Crows, they are called a Murder of Crows.

((Really, there are lots of birds within the Genus of Corvus. Separated into different specific epithets, or species, you get the birds commonly known as: Common Ravens (Corvus corax), Hooded Crows (C. cornix, Rooks (C. frugilegus), Jackdaws (C. monedula), and Carrion Crows (C. corone). There are more species than this, but... those are the ones you've likely seen the most of. I suppose I should've been more specific before. ;)

A Venue of Vultures
A Committee of Vultures

And the third... when a group of vultures are circling in the air they are called...

A Kettle of Vultures.


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