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Sweeney Todd
The video and sound are out of sync as a result of the upload for some reason, but if you don't watch it it's not so bad. Here's me singing a couple songs in the local Community College's performance of Sweeney. I'm playing Anthony the "sailor boy" love interest.

This wasn't my best night for singing, unfortunately. Still I think I did pretty good being so out of practice. :)

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I just lost the game.

Indie Video Games
If you're a fan of video game art, dark comedy, and/or horror games I have some recommendations for your interactive pleasure. Most of these games can be played in 10-30 minutes or hours, depending how much time you want to spend on them. They don't focus on linear story narratives or progression. Needless to say... they have a tendency of being pretentious. But they're pretty.

Tale of Tales has made a number of games, which include:

The Path:
The Path
A Horror game for the casual gamer. This is a modern interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood. You start on a path, with forests on either side, on your way to grandmother's house. You are given the instructions to follow the path and don't go off of it. If you obey the instructions, you'll play the most boring 5-minute game of your life. But if you break the rules... you get to explore the forest and witness all that it holds. Be warned: there are wolves.
There's more with pictures. Hidden behind cut for your viewing pleasure.Collapse )

Swine Flu - Pandemic Potential - Don't Panic
First rule, and written clearly on the back cover:


That being said, there is indeed pandemic potential for the Swine Flu. If you're not familiar with this recent development, look here:


Swine Flu's first victims were in their 20-40s in age. This is reminiscent of the Spanish Flu, which also killed people indiscriminantly of their age or apparent health. The reason this is the case is that it's a cross-species virus. Human immune systems have no exposure to this virus, so we have little to no species immune history against it.

It's in the U.S., confirmed cases in Kansas, California, New York, and possibly 4 other states. It is spreading human to human, so it has extremely high potential to mutate.

Don't panic. If you get the flu (be it Swine Flu or regular), bite the bullet and don't go to work: go to your doctor. Symptoms include fever, lethargy, lack of appetite, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea; in other words, the same symptoms for any other flu.

If it does become a global pandemic and you want to prepare? Well... if a pandemic happens you're probably going to get infected. Vaccines take months to make, so you won't get them in time. So what can you do?

Stay healthy. Wash your hands. Eat healthy. Moderate aerobic exercise daily (nothing too extreme or damaging). Stay hydrated. Increase your Vitamin C.

A Solar Powered Oven
A guy "invented" it in his back yard one day for a contest to make the best practical ideas to ease global warming.

It's an oven made of cardboard. It gets hot enough to boil water, bake casseroles, etc. It's really simple to make. Here's how you make one.

What you need:

2 Cardboard Boxes, one small enough to fit inside the larger one
Aluminum Foil
Black Paint
Transparent Acrylic Cover

How to Make:
1.) Line the inside of the larger box with aluminum foil.
2.) Paint the outside of the small box black. Making a black cardboard lid for it will concentrate the heat even more.
3.) Insert the small black box inside the aluminum foil lined box. Put food you wish to cook inside the black box.
4.) Put food dish inside black box.
5.) Place Acrylic Cover over large box.

If made correctly, you should be cookin' pretty quick. The black box and foil help concentrate the heat. The only thing I was curious about is if it would get hot enough to light the black box on fire... I know one way to find out!

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So here's my journal over the last 4-5 months using Hmm...

Wordle: The last four months

Disappointing, but fun to watch.

The music was incredibly heavy-handed, to the point of hilarity.

The movie failed at fully realizing the original important themes of the book. Seemed more like a generic comic book story, which wasn't the point of the book at all.

Gorgeous visuals.

A Shooting Star - The National Weather Service in league with Nyarlathotep?
The Eyebrow of Doom
On my way to visit Cori and Mike, an extremely bright blue glowing shooting star fell and fizzled out less than 400 meters away from me. It was startling, beautiful and amazing. I'd never seen a shooting star so close and in such detail as this one, seeing it burn out and crackle just before it would have hit the ground.

Cori did some investigating and discovered the source of the shooting star. We had suspected it was satellite debris because of the bright blue glow, and it seems she confirmed it:

Still... I'm thinking conspiracy theory, with perhaps a healthy dose of Cthulhu involvement. Anybody dreaming of Rl'yeh lately?

I have... a girlfriend?
Why yes, yes I do.

Robie and I are officially dating, and it's awesome. Just last night we were discussing the best plans for handling a Zombie invasion scenario, and have established a few important details in those regards. Yes, you know you really like somebody when you partake of Zombie Preparedness together. How Romantic!

Some of you may be curious as to what my Lady looks like. My Lady.Collapse )

We've realized that I need another guitar hero guitar as well, so that we can play together, though I'll get that after my next paycheck. Geek romance. <3

In other news, I'm going to spontaneously visit Cori and Mike this weekend! Hurrah! I haven't seen them in quite some time, and I miss them. As usual, it'll likely be a wonderful time. I'm bringing Gloom along, and I'm certain a wealth of card games, ice-cream and pizza lie in wait for me at their place. As well as multitudes of very serious discussions with Mike in regards to our secret plots to rule Siberia, and other shenanigans.

Things are going pretty good around here over the past two weeks. I'd like to see if Jason Newcombe and I can find some time to hang out as well, via LARP or just to see each other and hang out.

Will I be... Sweeney Todd?!?!
The Eyebrow of Doom
I heard a rumor that the local Community College is holding auditions for the musical...

Sweeney Todd.

I've been wanting to play the lead in this musical for years now. I'm one of the best and most experienced basses in the region.

Can anybody local confirm or deny this? In any case, I'm breaking out my music to practice, just in case.

If it is going up, I will be Sweeney Todd. At least, for a few nights of performance. ;-)


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